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infineon EconoMac第一款all-in-oneIGBT

infineon EconoMac第一款all-in-oneIGBT
EconoMAC the first all-in-one IGBT module for matrix converters
Eupec: Hr. M. Hornkamp; Hr. M. Loddenktter; Hr. M. Münzer; Siemens A&D: Hr. O. Simon ; Hr. M. Bruckmann

Abstract: Searching for new alternatives to the state of the art technology of voltage
source inverters, research laboratories of various vendors fancy matrix converters.
Working on a concept that has been around for more than 20 years, a mayor
obstacle to its success has been the lack of an efficient bi-directional low cost valve.
With semiconductors getting more efficient at lower costs matrix converters are about
to take their place in the power conversion market. After a short introduction to matrix
converters this paper discusses different concepts for the realisation of a bi-
directional power switch. It ……
infineon EconoMac第一款all-in-oneIGBT